2014 Oregon Festival of Cars
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The 2018 Festival is back on! So mark your calendars now.

The format will be different, although still much the same as before. Weíre shifting to a less structured, simpler and less expensive format that will let you choose how much you want to do. Show entry will be about $35. Other events will be individually selected. Hereís the tentative plan:

Friday: Weíll keep the group drive from the Portland area, and we should be able to keep the Beer Wash at Bachelor Village. The Friday evening party will be no host. We expect it to be at a brew-pub. You can come in, pick up your registration materials, and then eat and drink off the menu along with the rest of the gang.

The Show: The site will be the Deschutes Historical Museum, 129 NW Idaho, between Bond and Wall at the south end of downtown Bend. Itís a pretty site (check it out online), but space is limited. The first 50 or so cars to register will be parked on the grass. The rest of the group will be parked on contiguous asphalt. Itís an easy walk from the site to coffee shops and restaurants, so we will likely not have food on site. We donít know yet if we will be able to bring the Dan Balmer Trio, as that adds a lot of cost for the band, stage, sound system, etc. But weíll continue to give the awards we customarily give. We wonít be charging spectator admission or advertising in the local media, but there are always a lot of people around the area so we will probably get some spectators.

Saturday Banquet: We will probably have the banquet at Bachelor Village. It will be a more relaxed menu and environment, which will keep the cost down.

Sunday Dash: We probably canít have a Festival without a Dash, so Tim Morris of German Mastertech is already working on the route. It will end with a group lunch.

There will be separate entries for the Show, Banquet and Dash. That way, you can pick and choose what you want to do. Full details will come as we create them. We expect to open registration in March, sign up on our database and follow us on Facebook for the latest news.

2017 Winners

Congratulations to our 2017 winners:

Jay Audia "Peopleís Choice" Award:
1954 Ford Skyliner, Steve Jensen

Tom Anderson "Participant's Choice" Award:
1989 Porsche RWB, Josh van Eikeren

XK's Unlimited "Best British Car" Award:
1956 Austin Healey BN2, Kip Nienaber

Chubb Insurance Award:
1986 Ferrari 328GTS, Ray Pirtle

RTGT's "Best Italian Car" Award:
2003 Lamborghini Murcielago, Josh van Eikeren

2017 photos online

The 2017 Oregon Festival of Cars featured BAD ASS CARS, and they were plentiful!

Check them all out here.


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